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XIII Estonian ecology conference
On 20th of April the 13th Estonian ecology conference 'Ecological science in a changing world' was held in Tartu. From our workgroup Aveliina gave a talk titled ’Estonian grasslands – [...]
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Macroecology conference in Switzerland
Between 10th-13th of April, Meelis and Aurèle participated in the annual meeting of macroecologists hosted by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL in Birmendorf. The theme of the conference was [...]
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Global assessment of biodiversity status is now public
On 23rd of March the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services published a global assessment about the status of biodiversity and what are the main threats and opportunities [...]
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Soil seedbank experiment
In the beginning of March, Liis and Elisabeth sowed over 150 samples of soil seedbank in our department greenhouse. Samples were collected last summer from the areas of restoration project [...]
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Annual Meeting for Conservation Genetics in Vienna
Between 26th-28th February 2018, Sabrina and Iris (a master student of Tsipe) represented our workgroup at the 3rd Annual Meeting for Conservation Genetics in Vienna, Austria, presenting their first results [...]
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Nordic Oikos conference in Trondheim
Aveliina, Liis and Liina participated at the Nordic Oikos conference 2018, held in Trondheim, Norway, 19-22 February. Aveliina gave a presentation titled ’Extinction debt of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi on [...]
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Sabrina participated in a bioinformatics winter school in Switzerland
Between 11-17 February Sabrina participated in the winter school "Bioinformatics for Adaptation Genomics" (BAG) in Weggis, Switzerland, hosted by ETH Zurich. She returned to Tartu with invaluable know-how on bioinformatics-related [...]
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Nature quiz for high school students
On February 7, Tallinn 32nd Secondary School held a traditional nature quiz, which was dedicated to plants this time. The guest members of the jury were Ülle Reier and Kai [...]
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Science communication workshop in Tallinn University
On 15th of February Aveliina, Tsipe, Liis and Elisabeth participated in science communication workshop, led by science communication lector Arko Olesk from Tallinn University and researcher Asko Lõhmus from Tartu [...]
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Conservation Week in Novaator
In the beginning of February science news portal Novaator had a conservation week. During this week following articles-opinions about nature protection were published with the help of Tsipe, Aveliina and [...]
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