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Workgroup members at the IAVS 2022 conference
After a few years of limited conference possibilities, several of our workgroup members attended the 64th Annual Symposium of International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) in person this year. The conference was [...]
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New paper about plant trait variability in drought conditions
Our PhD student Slendy, together with her supervisors Carlos and Riin, published a new paper in Functional Ecology.  Many regions in the world are expected to become drier in the future [...]
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International Biogeography Society conference
The tenth International Biogeography Society (IBS) conference took place in Vancouver and online on 2nd-6th June 2022. From our workgroup, Enrico and Bruno participated virtually with oral presentations. Despite the [...]
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Workgroups spring seminar in Laelatu
After two years we were able to gather again in Laelatu field station for our and landscape biodiversity workgroups spring seminar. On the morning of 10th May we headed to [...]
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Carlos gave a talk at the Estonian Ecology Conference
The XIV Estonian Ecology Conference took place in Oecologicum on 22nd April. The conference unites ecologists, specialists and citizens in Estonia who are interested in ecological research, and has been [...]
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Visiting PhD student from the United Kingdom
We are happy to welcome Kerry Smith, a visiting PhD student from the University of Reading in the UK! Kerry is a first year doctoral student in the Ecology and [...]
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PhD students' field course in Tenerife
Every few years, the PhD students from the botany department have a chance to participate in a field course about plant geography. They travel to Tenerife in the Canary Islands [...]
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New paper about dark diversity and tree invasions
Our PhD student Bruno together with several other workgroup members recently published a paper in Diversity and Distributions. In the context of the biodiversity crisis, the control of non-native species [...]
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New paper about the community assembly of Atlantic European grasslands
Diego published a new paper in the Journal of Biogeography. This paper is a result of the time he spent in Czech Republic attending the biannual Quantitative Ecology Module held in České [...]
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Meeting with the Evolutionary Ecophysiology Group
Now that we work in the same building together with all the botanists and zoologists of the University of Tartu, we can easily meet other workgroups. On 22nd March our [...]
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