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GitHub workshop
Last week, our workgroup researcher Diego organised a beginner level workshop about using version control system Git and GitHub in R. Most of our workgroup members participated in the course [...]
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Aurele gave a department seminar
The Botany Department of the University of Tartu has a weekly seminar with many interesting talks, ranging from pine needle metabolites to social sciences and economics. This week, the seminar [...]
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Annual Conference of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences
This year the annual conference of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences was held on 7th November. The conference is a good chance to meet with other members of [...]
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Workgroup autumn seminar 2023
This year, macroecology workgroup autumn seminar took place on 23-24 October at Grete motel in Valga county. The topic of the seminar was "Future directions in macroecology" and we heard [...]
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Online meeting with Axel Rossberg
Our workgroup recently had a chance to have an online meeting with Axel Rossberg and his workgroup members. Axel Rossberg is a Reader of Theoretical Ecology at the Queen Mary [...]
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Bruno published a poem about biodiversity
Our PhD student Bruno recently wrote an educational poem about biodiversity. The original poem is in Portuguese (Bruno is from Brazil), and forms an acrostic with the word biodiversity (biodiversidad), which, [...]
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Workgroup members at the Community Ecology conference
The 4th International Conference on Community Ecology took place on 20-22 September in Trieste, Italy. Carlos, Eleonora, Enrico and Juni from our workgroup were among the over 100 participants from [...]
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Workgroup members at the IAVS 2023 conference
The 65th Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) was held on 3-8 September in Coffs Harbour, Australia. Among the over 300 participants were also Meelis, Riin, Bruno [...]
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Madli received a PhD degree
Within two weeks two of our PhD students have received their degrees! On 26th May, Madli Jõks successfully defended her PhD thesis on the topic "Biodiversity drivers in oceanic archipelagos [...]
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Visiting PhD student from Denmark
We are happy to welcome Davide Barsotti who is visiting our workgroup in May! Davide is a PhD student at the Copenhagen University in Denmark and his thesis topic is [...]
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