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Aveliina received a media friend prize called "Ökul"
On 21st of November Estonian Research Council organised a science communication conference in Tartu. Conference topic was 'Science in social media - between entertainment and noise?'. In addition to presentations [...]
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New paper studies how lifeless volcanic islands are populated by different plant and animal species
Madli Jõks and Meelis Pärtel used a computer simulation for studying the plant communities on the Hawaiian Islands, Galapagos Islands, Canary Islands, Cape Verde and the Azores. The simulation imitated [...]
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Workgroup autumn seminar
Our workgroup autumn seminar was held on 1st-2nd of November in Carl Schmidti Maja, Põltsamaa. The topic was this time 'grant applications' as many of us are planning to apply [...]
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Dark Diversity Network
Together with the Plant Ecology Lab and several collaborators from abroad we have initiated the Dark Diversity Network (DarkDivNet). DarkDivNet is a coordinated global sampling network to explore the dark [...]
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New article about plants dispersal in fragmented landscape
In collaboration with our Swedish colleagues Jan Plue and Sara Cousins, Tsipe was a co-author in an article about domestic animals enhancing plant dispersal among isolated grasslands in Stockholm archipelago, [...]
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Laelatu autumn academy
Between 13-14th of October the Department of Botany organised the second ’Laelatu academy’ event. The aim was to discuss if continuous cover forestry can be realistic solution for species-rich and [...]
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Sabrina received a Mobilitas Pluss post-doc grant
Sabrina Träger received the Mobilitas Pluss postdoctoral research grant from the Estonian Research Council for her project "The effect of landscape configuration on the functional connectivity of Primula veris - [...]
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Restoration ecology conference in Iceland
Sabrina and Liis participated at the SER Europe 11th biannual conference, Restoration in the Era of Climate Change held in Reykjavík, Iceland 9-13 September 2018. Liis introduced the Estonian large-scale [...]
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New PhD student
New doctoral student, Iris Reinula, has joined our workgroup. One of the aims of her doctoral thesis is to find out if genetic diversity reacts to landscape change with a [...]
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Meelis was an opponent for a doctoral thesis in Belgium
On 31st of August Meelis was an invited member of the defence committee of Yongjie Liu doctoral thesis at the University of Antwerpen. The title of the thesis was ‘Effects [...]
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