New paper about Neolithic plant invasions hypothesis


Meelis is a co-author in an article which aimed to clarify how trait differences, evolutionary context both present and past, and human-based perturbations (defined as disruptions to natural disturbance regimes) may combine to influence the invasion process in contemporary anthropogenic landscapes. They do not provide an extensive review of temperate grassland invasion as this topic has been examined numerous times, instead they highlight studies that have tested some of the ‘Neolithic Plant Invasion Hypothesis’ (NPIH) derived predictions.

MacDougall, A. S., McCune, J. L., Eriksson, O., Cousins, S. A. O., Pärtel, M., Firn, J., & Hierro, J. L. (2018). The Neolithic Plant Invasion Hypothesis: the role of preadaptation and disturbance in grassland invasion. New Phytologist, 220(1), 94-103.