Macroecology workgroup

The Macroecology workgroup is a research team at the University of Tartu (Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences) that focuses on the biological diversity of various taxonomic groups at different spatial scales.
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Our workgroup moved to a new building
Until now, the workgroups of the UT botany department were distributed into different buildings in Tartu (our workgroup was located in the botanical gardens). But the long-awaited move into the [...]
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EcolChange annual conference 2021
Our workgroup is part of the EcolChange Centre of Excellence in Research and therefore we participated in the EcolChange annual conference 2021 on 26th November. This year, conference presentations introduced research collaboration topics [...]
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Visiting PhD student from Brazil
Magno Daniel de Oliveira Gonçalves Araújo, a PhD student from the Federal University of Ceará in Brazil is visiting our workgroup this academic year. Magno's thesis topic is 'Observed, dark [...]
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